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Request to Change Mailing Address for Property Tax and/or Water/Sewer Billing

Please note: You must be one of the registered property owners in order to have the request approved.

Personal information on this form will be used for the purpose of processing the form submitted, in accordance with the Municipal Act, 2001. Questions about this collection should be directed to the Clerk, Town of East Gwillimbury, 19000 Leslie Street, Sharon, ON L0G 1V0; Telephone (905) 478-4282; Fax (905) 478-2808.

Please select one of the following:

NEW mailing address:

I/ We authorize The Corporation of the Town of East Gwillimbury to change the mailing address for all bills issued after this date for the property identified above and authorize the Municipality to provide the updated mailing address to the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) for property assessment notice and communication purposes.